Oncology Massage 

Oncology Massage Is a specialist massage for those who have been diagnosed with or are recovering from cancer.  A diagnosis of Cancer can often leave a person anxious about their health and their future.  The aim of a session is to leave a client feeling relived and with a sense of increased wellbeing.  The session is tailor made to the individuals body and health. It may involve being on a couch, however the comfort of the client is a priority so sessions can be performed seated, side lying or whichever is deemed appropriate.  The massage may be performed traditionally with towels or blankets for modesty or may be performed clothed if preferred by the client.

Breast cancer ribbon


An oncology massage has many benefits and below are just a few that it can help with

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Increase relaxation encouraging deeper respiration

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Increase range of movement

  • Prevention of skin problems

  • Increase uptake of nutrition

  • Decrease oedema

  • Stimulate digestive system

  • Increased alterness and mental clarity

  • Offers pain relief

  • Faster recovery from anaesthesia

  • Improve scar tissue elasticity

  • Decrease the adhesive quality in soft tissue

  • Improves effectivness of medication, physical therapy and other medical procedures