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25 Years in Wellness!

Welcome to my first blog post!!

When I imagined myself writing this, it was like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City sat at her Mac, musing over subjects!! but what should I write about?

Musing of subjects for blogs

Im going to begin with me…

For those of you that don’t know I teach at Circomedia, a circus school offering degree courses. I don’t fly from the trapeze or anything fancy. I teach conditioning and injury prevention to the students.


We started the new university year in September, as we always do. Getting to know the new students, one commented on attending City of Bath College. I could relate. I too went to City of Bath college. Then, I did the math…. I started exactly 25 years ago!!!!

I've been in the fitness/Wellness industry 25 years!!! how did I miss that!

I feel I should have a celebration, a cake, Champagne, a street party in my honour (ok maybe not)

25 years In wellness, Champagne?

Well it started 25 years ago. I enrolled at City of Bath college and I trained in sports therapy. We covered sports massage, body massage, gym work, Circuit training, Aerobics and much more. I remember teaching aerobics with cassettes, having to remember to rewind before the beginning of next class so that it was at the start! Some well used tapes got very chewed up and had to be rescued with a pencil and some manual winding!!

Perils of cassette tapes

After several years of teaching gym work I discovered Pilates, and fell in love. I trained with Body Control Pilates and I am still a member of their association now. I loved understanding the body more, how to help peoples mechanics and help them with specific issues. It can be remedial right up to athletic training. Ive continued to train to understand movement more and more.

Teaching on the Pilates Reformer

I have completed other qualifications over the years. One, was my training with Anatomy Trains. Structural Integration (SI), based on the work of Ida Rolf. SI is quite remarkable in how you can make changes in the body. Helping stuck patterns that have been there for years. I have explored this work further by doing workshops with Sharon Wheeler in SI for the Cranium, Bonework and most recently I have learnt her Scarwork.

I plan to delve into everything in more detail over future posts but thought this was a good place to start!

Hope you enjoy reading!!

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