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Structural Integration

Where other treatments work symptoms ATSI works systematically through your entire body bringing it into better alignment and therefore improving its movement and function resulting in a body that is harmonised in body, mind and spirit.  The new alignment becomes  a part of who you are and not something you have to repeatedly see a practitioner to maintain.  ATSI can leave you with a lasting progressive change.



  • Can ease chronic pain and stiffness


  • Improves Posture, creating length and ease


  • Can improve and enhance athletic performance


  • Increased energy and feeling of wellbeing


  • Improved coordination and balance


  • Can help bring emotional balance


What Does It Involve


  • 12 sessions designed to address individual needs usually spaced 1-2 weeks apart

  • Each session works progressively through the entire body; The first four works the surface layers of the body, the next four the deeper levels often referred to as the core, then the final four bringing everything together in integrated harmony

  • Each session lasts around 90 mins including consultation, assessment and treatment

  • Sessions can be a mix of hands on treatment with postural/movement assessment

  • Sessions are done in underwear for clearer assessment and treatment.

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